The only clear look at its design is here:. Plus, being able to improve your hometown by building hospital, library, etc. The dating sim aspect, we could probably do without… though that could still work as well, considering how romance tends to draw a lot of people in. I am looking at it as both an artist and a businessman; a modern Azure Dreams, true to its rogue like and monster-catching roots could be a big hit. The original Azure Dreams had problems, definitely. For one thing, it kept using the same basic tune for its dungeon music throughout the entire Monster Tower.

What do dreams about dating mean

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Azure Dreams is both accessible and challenging and is charming to of seven single ladies in town, lending the game a dating sim aspect.

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Azure Dreams (PS1) Guide

Platforms : Playstation 1, and Gameboy Color. I really recommend playing the original PS1 version. I wish Konami would release this game on the Playstation Store. In fact, I still find myself playing it, almost 20 years later. Within the tower, you can also find Monster Eggs which you can bring home to hatch into familiars which you can train and take with you the next time you enter the dungeon.

But outside of the dungeon is where the game really shines.

Azure Dreams is a roguelike RPG released by Konami for the Playstation in in Japan, and everywhere else in The Game Boy Color version was .

The story of Azure Dreams unfolds in the desert town of Monsbaiya, where an ancient tower exists. After generations of peace, it seems that the tower has once again become overrun with an evil force. Curious and somewhat scared, the villagers decide that they should send a brave person into it to see why the evil has awakened. Unfortunately, that brave person ends up being your father, Guy.

After several days have passed, there is still no word from your father, but his monster familiar returns. Fearing for your father’s life, you decide to enter the tower, yourself, and find him. Graphically, this game is adequate but not quite as visually appealing as most players would hope or expect. Characters and monsters tend to look quite a bit pixely, as do the game’s rather simplistic polygonal environments.

Fortunately, while the game is a bit lacking in the graphics department, it does feature some rather innovative elements for the RPG genre. Much like in Tecmo’s Monster Rancher, players can raise and “breed” monster familiars. These familiars will become part of your party and fight along side you in the Tower. They will also give you valuable advice during the game. You can even adjust certain aspects of your monster such as its fighting position in a battle.

The other innovative feature is the way that the actual Tower is designed.

Azure Dreams Stars Tournament Schedule

Story The plot revolves around the quest of the player character, Kou, to find out what happened to his father who never returned from the nearby Monster Tower one night. Set in the town of Monsbaiya the player will raise monster familiars to help him climb the tower himself. It is relatively simple so players looking for a more in-depth narrative may not be satisfied. The sprites in-game all look very well crafted especially the in-battle and status sprites for each monster.

Azure Dreams, also known as Other Life: Azure Dreams(In japan) is a 3D Roguelike RPG Game that contains elements of Monster Collecting and Dating.

Suikoden beat the odds and was successful in while Vandal Hearts was a nice appetizer before Final Fantasy Tactics. In the summer of they followed that up with Azure Dreams, a dungeon crawler. This particular genre was niche and more at home on the PC than console. However Azure Dreams manages to be both accessible and challenging and is charming to boot. The town of Monsbaiya is a remote village, with the monster tower as its only other landmark. The monster tower attracts fortune hunters from all over the world seeking to get rich by capturing and selling its monsters.

One such hunter is Guy, who makes it to the top of the Tower and is never heard from again. Azure Dreams is one part dungeon crawler and the other half a town building simulator. Outside the tower you can spend your town building up the city and more importantly wooing the ladies. Azure Dreams follows all of the conventions of the rogue-like genre entering the tower.

Azure Dreams: A Monster Taming Roguelike

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AZURE DREAMS JOURNAL. Author: Peter Pauper Press. ISBN #: Page Count: Published Date: Trim Size: ” x ” x “. Binding.

Take the role of an apprentice monster tamer in Azure Dreams, a role playing game like no other. Includes a flexible story system, random tower map generator, exploration, nurturing and management features that enable you to decide the outcome. Enter the dream now. We’re still open for business as usual, and shipping games out to you in these difficult times.

Given the global lockdowns, there are understandably delays in items being received. In the meantime, we would ask that you are as patient as possible, and understand that we are doing everything we can to get your items out to you as soon as humanly possible.

Azure Dreams (PlayStation)

ISBN Bakagias was born in Brunswick, in the state of Georgia. He has a love of books which inspired him to seek out wise and learned individuals who would put him on the path to unchartered realms of the mind and beyond. He was lead to find the works of such notable greats as Ken. Anger, W.

AD, Assignment Date. AD, Alarm Data (Alcatel). AD, Activating Domain. AD, Acquisition and Divestiture. AD, Azure Dreams (role-playing game). AD, Ace Deuce.

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Azure Dreams: The Game That Could Be

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Azure Dreams on the Horizon. Based on 22 ratings; Write a review. ISBN V. Bakagias was born in Brunswick, in the.

Games Beat. This post has not been edited by the GamesBeat staff. Opinions by GamesBeat community writers do not necessarily reflect those of the staff. You brought us terrible pop music, Poggs, Power Rangers, Surge, and more JRPGs than one person can conceivably play to absolute completion in this lifetime. Konami released a few other games besides Metal Gear, one of which was Azure Dreams.

I rarely fall in love with games in that way but I came up with reason after reason that the game should remain in my possession. It was not until that I would have the game for my very own.

Azure Dreams – Guide and Walkthrough

A stripped-down version was later released on the Game Boy Color. Azure Dreams is set in the desert town of Monsbaiya. The town prospers because of a Monster Tower located over it. A skilled monster tamer named Guy disappears in the tower and is never seen again.

Take the role of an apprentice monster tamer in Azure Dreams, a role playing game like no other. Includes a flexible story system, random tower map generator​.

Many of them were just too slow, basic, and repetitive. But Azure Dreams is a horse of a different color. Based loosely on the Playstation game of the same name, your goal is to reach the top of a floor tower in which the floors, items, and monsters inside are generated randomly. But it isn’t easy because there are a lot of setbacks to overcome.

Unfortunately, the GBC Azure Dreams doesn’t have the town-building and women-dating aspect of the Playstation original version. It does, however, have a floor Tower basement which did not exist on the PSX version, and many new monsters to catch and fight. This version even has a true final end boss.

My biggest gripe with this version is that you can’t keep as many monsters as I would have liked. I wish there was room to keep at least one of each kind, but you can only store up to 20 out of a possible However, GBC Azure Dreams is still quite fun and addicting because you never know what you’re going to find, and the challenge of reaching the top and bottom of the tower is hard to resist.

It also has a very quick pace, some nice GBC graphics, and really good music especially in the lower levels of the basement. I recently removed the Game Boy Color version of Azure Dreams from my Top , because I felt I didn’t need both it and the Playstation version on there, especially since the latter is superior. The first and foremost issue of the game’s challenge is that each time you exit the tower, you start over at experience level 1.

Azure Dreams OST 1. Music Box