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Candidates needing additional time as a reasonable adjustment are required to sit in the afternoon session. All dates may be subject to change. Appropriate notice of any changes will be given at the earliest opportunity. Updates around these exams is available on the main AKT page. Apply for the RCA exam. Notice of any changes will be given at the earliest opportunity. This is why we have two different dates for the July results. Candidates will be told which date applies to them. We regret that it is not possible for a candidate to ask to be in a particular group for a date of publication of results.

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We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. How to apply for grants and submit an application under the Countryside Productivity Scheme. The RDPE Countryside Productivity Scheme provides funding for projects in England which improve productivity in the farming and forestry sectors and help create jobs and growth in the rural economy.

The scheme is different to other parts of the Countryside Productivity scheme as it uses an online application process and is targeted at supporting investment for specific pieces of agricultural equipment.

These include PGDs authorised by the NHS England regional team to There must be a record of who has made the entry, the date and the.

Organisations will need to consider local governance arrangements and perform local risk assessments if there is any divergence from their usual PGD related processes during a pandemic to ensure that PGD use remains within the legislation and that patient safety is protected. Full details are listed in the information sources below. Providers should be aware of the requirements, but some of the key points are:.

The majority of clinical care should be provided on an individual basis using prescriptions or patient specific directions. They include registered nurses, paramedics and pharmacists. Health professionals who will be using the PGD must be named and authorised before they use it to provide care. An appropriate member of staff, for example GP, practice manager or lead nurse should be responsible for authorising the health professionals in each organisation.

Practitioners should keep a copy of their individual authorisation and have the current authorised PGD available for reference. Where using patient group directions across primary care networks , each practice should adopt the PGD and authorise their staff to use it. Each practice is responsible for making sure their staff are trained, competent and complete necessary records.

There must be an agreement in place across the network to set out responsibilities and governance arrangements. Staff can then provide care under the PGD to patients of other practices covered by the agreement.

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Author: Kate Hunter. Date: September Job Title: Specialist Registrar information about the Trust can be found on our website ​uk.

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UK government ‘giving incorrect information on self-isolation’, say GPs

GPs on the coronavirus frontline are being supplied with face masks that expired four years ago, it has emerged. But in an apparent attempt to conceal the issue, stickers showing a later expiry date of have been placed on top. GPs suggested it was an apparent attempt to ‘hide’ the original date and admitted they were worried about the quality of equipment being provided. Materials in face masks that filter and trap germs can perish over time, making them less effective.

The coronavirus situation in the UK is evolving and changing each day and is impacting everyday life and NHS services. We recognise that issues related to.

Some information from those reports is shared here along with input from interagency partners and the most likely cause of the report. Descriptions for each of the fields is at the bottom of the page. Space weather was reviewed and found unlikely to have impacted GPS performance. There were no authorized GPS tests in the area. No correlating reports from interagency partners. The report of interference is similar to that outlined by U.

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These send information about how our site is used to a service called Google Analytics. We use this information to improve our site. Let us know if this is OK. Change my preferences I’m OK with analytics cookies. It covers clinical negligence liabilities arising from NHS patient care that takes place on or after that date.

The independent regulator of health and social care in England GPs: information for providers Read the letters we’ve sent to GPs Keep up-to-date.

Global Positioning System GPS satellites broadcast microwave signals to enable GPS receivers on or near the Earth’s surface to determine location and time, and to derive velocity. The system is operated by the U. Department of Defense DoD for use by both the military and the general public. GPS signals include ranging signals, used to measure the distance to the satellite, and navigation messages. The navigation messages include ephemeris data, used to calculate the position of each satellite in orbit, and information about the time and status of the entire satellite constellation, called the almanac.

There are four signals available for civilian use. The other signals are called modernized signals and are not broadcast by all satellites. In addition, there are restricted signals with published frequencies and chip rates but encrypted coding intended to be used only by authorized parties. Some limited use of restricted signals can still be made by civilians without decryption; this is called codeless and semi-codeless access, and is officially supported.

The GPS satellites called space vehicles in the GPS interface specification documents transmit simultaneously several ranging codes and navigation data using binary phase-shift keying BPSK. Only a limited number of central frequencies are used; satellites using the same frequency are distinguished by using different ranging codes; in other words, GPS uses code division multiple access. Some satellites transmit several BPSK streams at the same frequency in quadrature, in a form of quadrature amplitude modulation.

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Amelia Harshfield, Gary A. Abel, Stephen Barclay, Rupert A. Objective: To examine the concordance between dates of death recorded in UK primary care and national mortality records.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is the trade union and professional body for doctors in the UK.

GPonline provides an overview of the key guidance relating to coronavirus, including links to relevant resources. Last updated: 20 August This article was updated on 20 August to update details of the latest standard operating procedure, as a result many of the sections below have also changed. We have also now included detail of the COVID funding available to practices and advice for staff who were on the shielding list and updated information on shielded patients.

This article is based on guidance for England, please see links below for specific guidance for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Information relating to infection control and some of the information aimed at the public is relevant in all four UK countries:. NHS England says all practice staff should be made aware of the standard operating procedure, the latest case definitions and guidance on patients at most risk of severe illness as a result of COVID Any urgent updates to practices will be provided by the central alerting system CAS , so practices should ensure the MHRA has an up to date email address that is regularly checked by staff.

The latest standard operating procedure says that practices should be ‘focused on the restoration of routine chronic condition management and prevention wherever possible, including vaccination, screening and immunisation, contraception and health checks’.

Nigel’s surgery 19: Patient Group Directions (PGDs)/Patient Specific Directions (PSDs)

Coronavirus information for all services. Nigel’s surgery Mandatory training considerations in general practice. Guidance on care standards. Inspection and monitoring. What we look at when we inspect and monitor your service, and the requirements set out by government regulations. Key lines of enquiry KLOEs : what we look at when we inspect and monitor.

funding for projects in England which improve productivity in the farming and forestry sectors Applications received by the closing date are being processed.

The MNP resulted from widespread consultation with the maritime community on the requirement for Marine Aids to Navigation into the 21st century. The plan has been devised to ensure the ongoing provision of a satisfactory, economical and reliable aids to navigation service to meet the changing requirements of all classes of mariner. DGPS, which became operational on 1 July , is a network of 14 ground-based reference stations providing transmissions with coverage of at least 50 nautical miles around the coasts of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

It is an open system—available to all mariners—and is financed from light dues charged on commercial shipping and other income paid into the General Lighthouse Fund. Details of the exact locations, ranges and transmission characteristics of all of the GLAs’ DGPS reference stations at the lighthouse sites are given in the accompanying tables.

DGPS can assist the safe passage of all classes of vessel from cargo ships, cruise liners and fishing vessels to small yachts, by:. Users should also ensure that they have a receiver which gives sufficient warning of the complete loss of the DGPS signal and reversion to GPS. Implementation was completed in conjunction with Trimble Navigation Limited in August following which, a testing phase was undertaken leading to the GLAs declaring operational capability on 1 July

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People across the UK are being given incorrect information from the government about whether or not to isolate, with some wrongly instructed to remain indoors for 12 weeks, GPs have warned. Doctors fear out-of-date information is being used as they are getting an increasing number of calls from people who do not understand why they have received a text or letter saying they are in the most at risk group.

At the same time, some of those who are in priority groups are complaining they have been given no information, they said. The list of who to contact, which would normally take weeks to do, was compiled in 48 hours, and given the huge undertaking errors are likely to have crept in. Last month, the government announced it would contact 1. Information provided to the Guardian from a GP in Teesside, north-east England, with a practice of 8, patients, found that of the 10 patients who had been recipients of an organ transplant, only six had received the letters and four had been missed.

A significant number of other patients on chemotherapy, immunosuppressants, with blood cancers and other severe underlying health conditions had also been missed, they reported. The shielded patient list is a specific subset of patients identified by the chief medical officer. To identify these patients NHS Digital took the groups identified and converted them into a set of clinical codes and searched for patients with these conditions in the routine and administrative data sets that they hold nationally.

They also did a search for patients this week and added around , more the original list of , patients, using data automatically pulled from GP systems. NHS Digital relies on the quality of data entry by thousands of NHS staff, and so there may be some errors in the data.

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