How we used cigar boxes to build up a business

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The Untold Stories Behind Cigar Boxes

April 29, Serving as storage to its valuable content. Guess again.

This is an antique cigar box dating back to the early 20th century. The piece is made of sterling silver and is stamped on the underside.

Sterling Silver Cigarette Box. Want more images or videos? Contact Seller. The exterior has scrolled enamel decoration. It has a central carrying handle which divides the two compartments. The interior is cedar lined.

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The tall shape is typical of early cigar boxes. Somewhat delicate, as to be expected. The copyright date of points to use in the presidential election. We are.

The box can be designed with the lid to open up, down or to one side. The main label is pasted inside the lid. The box is painted on the outside, either with any of the rubber-base latex paints, or with paint from a spray can. The inside of the box is given one or two coats of the black latex paint. Other flat black paints may also be used. Be very sure to wash any brushes that are used with the latex paint very soon after use. Use warm water and bar soap such as Ivory.

Once the rubber-base paint hardens there is little that can be done to restore the bristles. A piece of black construction paper is cut to fit the box interior in a curve from one side to the other.

Manufacturer Information For The Aging Of Our Cigars

There are a number of factors to take into account in estimating when an old cigar box was first filled with cigars. Up to about , these were branded or inked on the bottom of the box. On the earliest boxes, usually with tax stamps, they might be printed on a paper label stuck on the bottom, side, or end of the box.

For those who are buried in empty cigar boxes and lacking in ukuleles, this is for you. A Brief History Cigar box instruments date back to the ‘s, when cigars.

This is the current date system. Each month is given an alpha code based on the first three letters of the Spanish spelling of the month. The year is indicated by the last two digits of the year in short year format, where is expressed as In several provinces, all the factories use a common code e. SS for the ten factories in the Sancti Spiritus province. The second series of factory codes involved three capital letters, was less obvious and the factories were all given separate codes.

Before February , the fabrication of cigar boxes was not centralised, with each Factory making their own boxes. The following stamps appeared on all boxes over the years and in conjunction with other details can be used to date boxes. All dates are original research courtesy of Min Ron Nee. The small stamps were used mainly on single stick Slide Lid Boxes coffins.

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Cigar tubes: why are they used, and how fresh do they keep your cigars? Click now to find out – and what to do with them after you smoke the cigars inside! Salon Eco Chic we use old cigar boxes for our hairstyling products Eco Friendly

,, dated February 20, ; application filed January 13, The invention relates to such an improvement in the cigar-boxes with hinged front.

The object sought to be attained by this invention is mainly to produce a cigar-box of wood and sheet metal as an improved article of manufacture that shall have all the desirable qualities and properties of the Wooden cigar-box and shall possess in addition thereto by reason of its structure several qualities and features of advantage over the cigar-box made wholly of wood.

Cigars of all grades, and particularly those of the finer grades, are found to suffer more or less loss or reduction in commercial value after a period ‘of exposure to such changes or influences of climate while packed in the well-known box of cedar-wood, as demanded by the trade. To this end and object I propose to construct a sheet-metal and cedar-wood box substantially after the manner herein described and shown. Figure 1 of the annexed drawings herein referred to is a view in perspective of a cigarbox embodying my invention and showing portions of the box broken away to disclose the structure more plainly.

This improved cigar-box is constructed with an exterior sheet-metal surface and an interior lining or facing of Spanish cedar in such manner that the box has a lining or facing of cedar-wood interposed between the metal surfaces and the contents. The wooden sides and ends a ab 12 are united to the metal sides and ends A A B B by turning over the topedge of the metal and bending it down closely on the inside of the box, so as to clamp and confine the wood immovably in place, and afterward the wooden facing g for the bottom is inserted and pressed down to place upon the metal bottom G, thus confining the sides and ends in perpendicular po sition, as represented in Fig.

A tight joint is obtained between the lid and the body of the box by forming a perpendicular flange or rim d on the edge of the lid and at right angles to its face, so as to fit down closely around the top edge of the box or into a rabbet R in the metal covering forced closely into a rabbet formed in the wooden body around its upper edge. After the lid is closed a strip of paper or some suitable material is to be pasted over the joint all around the box.

A cigar-box thus produced will have many qualities and advantages not possessed by the wooden cigar-box now used by the trade. It will be impervious to moisture and the influences of climate on the one hand and will retain the necessary condition of moistness in the tobacco on the other hand without allowing any deterioration in that condition. After the box is sealed it will withstand the hardships incident to transportation without danger of being broken or loosened at the joints It will retain its contents in uniform condition without their drying out or parting with their good qualities after the lid is opened and during the time the cigars are being dispensed from the box.

Antique Cigar Boxes

These notes attempt to give some guidance to when best to drink our wines. The wines tasted were from our own library collection kept in an underground cellar. This probably mirrors the average collector, but those with differing conditions should adjust accordingly. Please note we started to get considerably better quality and longer corks since the vintage.

The box is something of a conundrum. It is not the quality of a diplomatic gift. The date of the inscription does not match that of the dedication (they are a month.

Bristol-based duo Tom Drummond and Pat Hammett are bringing an age-old musical tradition up to date with beautiful, handmade cigar box guitars made in their Easton workshop. The history of the cigar box guitar stretches back to the Deep South of s America. The guitars were a product of hardship and poverty. When money was tight, people would make instruments out of what was to hand — an old cigar box, broom handle and a couple of wires became the building blocks of a new musical movement.

A cigar box guitar has provided the backing for many a blues lament. Now Bristol-based craftsmen Tom Drummond and Pat Hammett have brought the tradition up to date with beautiful, handmade cigar box guitars. When people see and hear them, they immediately connect with a rich musical history. After all, cigar box guitars are the foundation of blues. If you assemble a guitar, and maybe customise it, you are immediately hooked into that history, and it becomes more personal to you.

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