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Not now, dad. What better subject for a Thanksgiving-time meme than family? Parental criticism is what Laura Gao had in mind when she devised the flight attendant meme, which has been making the rounds since Thanksgiving Eve. The meme from Gao, a product manager at Twitter, arrived in the form of a conversation, started with a prompt from the flight attendant. Flight attendant: Is there a doctor onboard? Me: Not now Dad. Dad: Not asking for a Product Manager to help, are they? From there, the people of Twitter went to work, plugging in their own jobs and imaginary and real putdowns from their own fathers and mothers.

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Flight Attendant Quotes, Airline Humor, Pilot Humor, Aviation Humor, Cabin Crew gotten a chance to do some web surfing for the best of the best flight attendant memes! I don’t understand why people think dating a flight attendant is hard.

With a job that sees them fly around the world, flight attendants have always had a glamorous image. Cabin Crew Dating. I am:. My age is. My age:. Select your age. My email address is.

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Put On The Memes are great at uniting people in a time of crisis. 4 Dec 02, · To make a When flight attendants work from home. This is a piece work job Reach out and invite a co-worker or two for a virtual lunch date. After photos of​.

The Lufthansa group has suspended routes to other virus hotspots, including China and Iran, to late April. Image for Representation. Belgrade : A year-old Serbian man confessed in court on Saturday to calling in a false bomb threat to stop a Lufthansa flight attendant from leaving the country because he hoped she would go on a date with him. One hundred and thirty passengers and five crew members were evacuated from flight LH on Thursday before its take-off en route from Belgrade to Frankfurt.

The plane was removed from the runway so a special police squad could search it. A spokesman for the prosecutor told Serbian media the prosecution had asked the court to keep the man in custody pending charges of causing panic and disorder.

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Baskin drew public attention when she was featured in the Netflix documentary series Tiger King about Oklahoma -based private zoo operator Joe Exotic. The Netflix series follows both Baskin and Joe Exotic, filming their ongoing and escalating feuds over exotic animals in private zoos. Following the series’s release, Baskin has been the subject of internet memes and conspiracy theories related to the disappearance of Don Lewis , her second husband.

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A friend of mine is a flight attendant. This was the only passenger from Dallas to Austin. Also, how to do a Nicolas Cage impression? Log In Sign Up. Flight Attendant Memes. Twitter is ablaze with a viral flight-attendant meme where people are roasting their own career Dad jokes. Me: Dad, there’s a medical emergency happening right now Dad: Go and see if asking them to “put your fucking hands up” helps Dad jokes.

Flight Attendant: flight attendant: cani offer some free head phones? Flight Attendant: Ohio dad booked 6 flights just to join his flight attendant daughter during her Christmas shifts.

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While most of the phrases flight crew use were borne out of a need for clear and succinct communication over an occasionally fuzzy radio transmission, according to aviation experts, there are also more colorful phrases that pilots say were conceived of in the sky and shared widely among staffers. Famously uttered by Harry Connick Jr. In rare cases, a deadhead crew can boot paying passengers. Airport security officers dragged a bloodied David Dao down the aisle of the plane after he refused to give up his seat.

Two security officers were fired after the incident, and United has since settled with Dao. Several airlines offer courtesy jumpseats to pilots from other companies, too. But to avoid confusion among passengers, pilots refer to the time zone of their destination when speaking with passengers over the intercom. The direction and force of winds often alter the length of a trip, too, depending on their direction: if the plane is flying with a strong wind, it may land 30 minutes to an hour earlier, Aimer says, depending on the length of their trip.

The variations stemmed from a desire to avoid confusion between similar-sounding numbers, he says. After a long day in the sky, crew members often need to unwind—sometimes adjusting to a completely new time zone.

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People usually wait until they’re surrounded by family at the holidays to have their career choices judged, but this year we’re switching things up a bit. Twitter product manager Laura Gao created the meme by imagining a scenario in which she and her dad were on an airplane, and the flight attendant asked if there was a doctor onboard to help with a medical emergency.

In response to the flight attendant’s request, Gao pictured her dad roasting her career as a product manager. The “flight attendant meme,” as it’s now being referred to, thanks to Pedestrian, wound up being super relatable to nearly every non-doctor out there. And it took off faster than a stressful flight with dad.

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As Tennessee Williams once wrote, “When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone. And even though most of you cringe at the sound of hearing his name because it takes you back to a cornucopia of indelible memories of monotonous English literature, thesis papers, and vocabulary quizzes, Tennessee wrote some pretty remarkable words that often fall on deaf ears.

But as usual this blog is not about Tennessee Williams himself, English literature, or my feeble attempt to indoctrinate a little bit of knowledge into your mind sorry not sorry, that would be the teacher in me , it is about the question that I get asked all the time day-in and day-out; is it lonely being a flight attendant and is it hard to balance a relationship with your job? If you’re looking for a quick answer and don’t want to read past this two-hundredth word and yes, that is the actual th word in this blog, and no I honestly did not plan it that way , you can stop reading here, the answer is yes.

Yes it is lonely, and yes it is hard to balance all sorts of relationships; including family, friends, and even you guessed it, significant others. But if you are like me and expect a full detailed analysis through adventure, continue reading for another wild adventure. I had not truly realized how lonely my life was getting to be until the other day when I was on a layover in Rio de Janeiro, in my hotel room about to take a nap, and the maid knocked on my door.

As I ran up to throw some clothes on realizing I forgot to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, and that I was in just underwear, I quickly got dressed and answered. She asked in Portuguese if I needed her to clean the room, and I politely declined as I wanted to nap. She then looked at me, reached into her pocket, handed me a handful of chocolates and smiled.

It was Valentine’s Day. I briefly reflected on my last year of flying since I’ve been flying predominately international long-haul trips, and how I’ve been away from home for every single holiday. Which, for a while I found my “niche” flying as many Paris trips as I could possibly get my hands on, and hadn’t seemed to mind being away on holidays as much. And then the company discontinued the late Paris flight, and I lost my niche.

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