NBA 2K15 Review: Putting you in the NBA story like never before

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NBA 2K15 team looks to rebound from an off year by listening to the fans

In this mode, you can only play as LeBron James. You can still assist your teammate by signaling them to shoot the ball or pass it to you. There are two paths: Heat Dynasty and Fantastic Journey. The rest of the league will be doing everything they can to figure out a way to shut them down, but with an already stacked roster that’s only getting better, that task is looking like it’s going to be anything but easy. In Dwight Howard ‘s first season in Houston, he finally seems to be fully healed and back to his old self.

In the second half, the Rockets when on absolute tear, winning 36 out of their final 40 games and steamrolling into the NBA Finals.

Last year 2K Sports offer a mobile app to accompany NBA 2K14 in which, Improved Season Matchmaking – Get paired up with opponents of.

Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard. Advertisements – Register to remove. I agree with the Rep thing however I don’t think players should be able to grade you on your performance for the fact that some people especially the one’s that hog the ball and make the dumbest decisions think everyone else on their team sucks. I know I am a good player, great support player and can be relied on to score but I realize when I have better offensive options I keep them involved the entire game so I don’t have to bare the burden of putting up 15 points by myself.

And going back to the reason why players shouldn’t be allowed to rate their teammates, players that hog the ball should be severely penalized especially if their team loses. To deter players from hogging the ball give them a small boost in rep if they win and a huge hit in rep when they lose. If 2k would take the entire game into consideration instead of style in MYPark solid players wouldn’t suffer so much in the Rep department and games will become alot more competitve.

Getting in games in the Park you picked isn’t so bad, but the Jordan Rec Center is all messed up. I just don’t understand why so many dudes just stand around. Cr0ss0ver and DaPope13 like this. Completely expressed my feelings. Knowing your shot offline means nothing, cause once you step into the realms of park, you have to hope and pray the game let’s you hit a wide open uncontested shot. It’s not because of skill.

NBA 2K15 PlayStation 4 Review: The Ballad of Andre Drummond

Welcome to the basketball season! We’ve listed some common questions and answers below. Can I move my Virtual Currency between these versions?

NBA 2K15 has 50 achievements worth points. View all the It’s Raining, 10​. Make 15 or more three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.

Here is a fact that, regrettably, did not make it into my reviews of NBA 2K14 last year. As good of a basketball simulation as that game was, its online servers were also, for many players, practically unusable for long stretches of time. I did not run into many of those issues when testing the game myself for review, but they became the predominant topic of conversation in the ensuing months. NBA 2K15 is another very good basketball game that nonetheless floats between being mildly afflicted and utterly crippled by server issues.

Some of its worst problems have begun to work themselves out in the time following its release, but many issues–including laggy online games, server timeouts in modes that in theory are supposed to be offline, and a clunky, barely enjoyable MyPark mode–still remain. There are likable improvements in this year’s offering, but not nearly enough of them to make up for what an unfriendly experience the game often proves to be.

Matchmaking problems

In this review we will tackle content, graphics and presentation, gameplay, fun factor, and longevity. The Midterm Grades give a more accurate representation of the overall quality of the game because we have had almost six months to play, explore, poke and prod this game and know it now better than anyone who gave the week one review. We will take an in depth look at each mode and I will offer some suggestions on possible fixes.

MyLeague: MyLeague offers players the ability to fully customize from financial rules in trades to chance of career ending injury.

Buy NBA 2K15 by 2K for Xbox One at GameStop. Find release The amazing graphics and the animations make this a game worth playing. Good game for.

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News tournaments, full details!

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All Achievements. Earned Achievements. Locked Achievements. Earned Date. Trip-Dub Record a triple-double with any player in a non-simulated game. Record a triple-double with any player in a non-simulated game.

Full list of all 50 NBA 2K15 achievements worth gamerscore. It takes Make 15 or more three-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game. 1 guide.

October 7 marks another edition of one of the biggest video game franchises in the history of gaming. The NBA 2K series hasn’t just grabbed the majority of basketball video game sales since its inception in ; it’s become a huge part of basketball culture off the pixelated court as well. NBA players play it as much as some fans and are quick to want to hit up the 2K Sports crew headed by Ronnie Singh to find out their ratings in the game long before the game is released.

What the franchise has done such a great job of over the years is trying to make the world of NBA basketball available at your fingertips. The graphics year in and year out have been spectacular, growing ever more lifelike with each advancement in gaming technology. The basketball play has always been solid and improving as the development team works to bring realism into a pretend world by attempting to eliminate glitches and holes in the strategy when you’re holding the controller.

While there are multiple modes in which you build a team through unlocking “player cards” in almost a tournament style of play or setting up a single season to navigate as a franchise, the bread and butter of the 2K series has become MyCareer mode and MyGM mode. Thanks to 2K Sports, I’ve been able to play the game over the last few days to be able to give my thoughts on NBA 2K15 and what’s stood out to me is the efforts made in order to not just give you a mode to try out but to give you a story to follow.

You had to earn sponsorship opportunities and decide which company to sign with. Other agents would try to poach you away from your friend with the promise of brighter spotlights on your career. You would get drafted in , and you had to work your way through the rotation and the NBA, testing free agency and demanding trades if you wanted.

In 2K15, you’re still getting a story but it’s been changed significantly with a lot more options added this time around. You don’t get drafted and the mode starts off with you furiously chasing your agent not a childhood friend around the living room of your apartment. He tells you you’re going to have to earn a day contract at some point and prove you belong.

NBA 2K15 Achievements

Earlier this month we revealed everything we knew about the improvements coming to the MyGM mode , which promises several innovations that could make NBA 2K15 the destination sports game for franchise mode fans. Now after sitting down with senior producer Rob Jones we have more details surrounding the game presentation, gameplay, MyLeague, MyCareer, and the popular MyCareer role-player mode.

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A solid basketball game at its core—but sabotaged by disastrous server issues. pains would be out of the way the second time around in NBA 2K for other teams, with my ultimate goal to make it on the Warriors. Against.

Few team-based sports highlight the individual like basketball does, and even fewer allow the control of a game to pass through a single teammate. Basketball is a flashy sport, a sexy sport; filled with shoe-endorsements, slam-dunk contests, and courtside celebrities. While most games focus on the meat and potatoes of mechanics, NBA 2K15 is at work making the drama of sports feel alive.

NBA 2K15 is a bit of a mixed bag, but overall it plays well. Running plays in previous iterations of NBA2K were kind of a nightmare. First you had to try and get the play called – god forbid to try using Kinect to do this – but even when it worked, it was difficult to run the play itself.

NBA 2K15 Companion App Out on Android

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NBA 2K15 is one of the best sports titles this year. sets the tone for making this more of a team game than relying on individual player skills to.

With that in mind, I was actually pumped to try NBA 2K on the new console generation for the first time, figuring that any first-year transitional growing pains would be out of the way the second time around in NBA 2K Instead of putting fans in the shoes of a top draft pick like in past iterations, however, 2K15 makes you an undrafted free agent who has to fight for everything he gets—and I actually found this a pretty relatable situation.

This means that even talented American college stars will usually find themselves on the outside looking in. I went to college with an undrafted player who had a cup of coffee in the NFL, and it was clear to me that, regardless of how he performed—and he did well whenever he got the chance—the guys with the big contracts always got preferential treatment. The pickings were slim at the start, but I eventually got a tryout with the Detroit Pistons, one of the current doormats of the Eastern Conference.

The funny thing is, everyone else in the Motor City seemed so clueless and incompetent that I had no choice but to act as arrogant and show as much braggadocio as possible, so I kept taking that attitude to the next level. The team would just spin its wheels unless I demanded the rock every trip up the court.

NBA 2K15: First Online Match #1- Heat Vs Raptors